Trade with context

is a luxury edge

Chart patterns created by collective behaviors of participiants in the crypto market.

Human's behaviors change slooowly.

Algo's behaviors are programmed, by human.

So, instead of focusing on price, we focus on finding consistent and repeated chart patterns.

Chadr provides you dashboards, indicators, and tools to help you unearth them. See what sparks price movements. See what leads to the pump.

Put your detective hat on, hunt for patterns, take profitable trades.

We're traders and developers, not marketers. We don't know how to write fancy words. We focus on building instead, and let Chadr speaks for itself.

So, check out our Guide for more details on the Chadr's dashboards, indicators, and tools.

And our Roadmap for what's next.

Also, you might want to check out our co-founder TofHuntrrr's tweets for his consistent insights, and the development of the app over months.

Closed. We're working on the ChadrOS.

We collect nothing. We have no interest in your data.